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“Alessi Circus” a magical world of wonder and fun captured by Marcel W

31 August 2016

With “Alessi Circus”, Marcel Wanders has designed a whole family of objects for Alessi that excite, surprise and astonish, evoking the spectacle usually found under the big top. “The circus is something that goes beyond everyday life – says the designer – the richness and wonder before our eyes, what we hear and capture with our senses, stays with us. It is a very unique feeling of magic and we wanted to celebrate it in an imaginative collection”.

With the Fall/Winter 2016 collection, the “Alessi Circus” comes to town. This ensemble of tableware and household accessories features Marcel Wanders’ very personal touch of circus magic, and opens the way to an entirely original expression, full of colour and life.

The dazzling lights of the stage, the brilliant colours of the costumes, the thrill of a merry-go-round, are just some of the experiences that Marcel Wanders has recreated through an astonishing series of objects.

The “Alessi Circus” collection consists of 29 products for the Alessi catalogue and 5 limited-edition Officina Alessi pieces, each one representing a circus character. The core of the family is made of stainless steel, embellished with original decorations in Alessi’s Crusinallo factory. Soldered strips, bone china and glass are also used.

The fantasy world of Marcel Wanders combined with Alessi’s high manufacturing quality and expertise in working steel plate, bring life to objects with ornamental motifs that enhance both the material and the decoration. Each piece is characterised by rhomboidal, circular, striped and pointed geometric patterns, in a perfect balance of colours, alternating between white, black, yellow, red, gold and silver.

The Alessi brand collection includes household and tableware accessories for the breakfast table or for dessert, for starters or for aperitifs, with Placemats, Bowls, Round trays, Ice bucket, Bottle stands, Wine cooler, Salad bowls, Mugs, Small bowls and Containers.