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Anglepoise® and Paul Smith Edition Three

28 October 2016

British lighting brand Anglepoise® and renowned British designer Paul Smith have collaborated once more to create a third edition of the Type 75™ Desk Lamp. Anglepoise® + Paul Smith Edition Three, will be available online and in shops in October, ready for the start of the festive season.

With its strident primary colour palette and engaging, angular Anglepoise® form, Edition Three evokes the visual vocabulary of Dutch painter Mondrian’s De Stijl style of art and launches to coincide with the run up to next year’s De Stijl centennial.

Set alongside the fresh, floral hues of Edition One and the rich, jewel-like tones of Edition Two, this new Type 75™ Paul Smith Edition both complements and contrasts; its hundred-year-old colour palette looks fresh, dynamic and contemporary.

“Paul Smith’s remarkable ability to reimagine and then reimagine again is a testimony to his unique way of interpreting the world around us” - Simon Terry, co-owner of Anglepoise®

“The wonderful thing about having the opportunity to work on another Anglepoise lamp is that the two editions I’ve done up to now are almost like a winter and summer version. One in dark rich colours and the other in brighter pastels. What I’ve decided to do this time is take inspiration from the artist Mondrian and use accent colours of white, red, yellow and blue” – Paul Smith

For more information visit anglepoise.com/paul-smith

Images shot on location at Paul Smith Westbourne House

Photos: Jake Curtis

Styling: Despina Curtis